Norristown Women of Distinction Awards

Norristown Women of Distinction Awards honors those females who make the Greater Norristown Area the thriving and vibrant place it is to work, live and do business. When women support women, amazing things happen.

MontCo Media LLC, publishers of Norristown Local is proud to bring together the most extraordinary women to connect, support one another, do business and build community in the Greater Norristown Area.

To nominate a Woman of Distinction or to learn more about sponsorships please contact Teresa, Publisher at [email protected] or call 610-825-3300.

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What are the Women of Distinction Awards?

Norristown Local created the Women of Distinction Awards to honor the passion, dedication and actions of notable Greater Norristown Area Women.


How many Women of Distinction will be selected?

Six women will be selected for honor in eight categories: Lifetime Legacy, Woman to Watch (under age 40), Inspiration, Leadership, Game Changer, Business Distinction, Educational Award and Community Service.


How are the awardees chosen?

A committee of distinguished leaders in Norristown chaired by Mrs. Renee Golden will review the nominations and select the honorees.


When and where will the Norristown Women of Distinction Award winners be announced?

Winners will be announced in the September 2022 issue  of Norristown Local News-Magazine.  Each awardee will be recognized and celebrated at a reception in the fall.


What will the honorees receive?

Norristown Local News-Magazine will profile winners in the October issue. Honorees will also be recognized and celebrated at an awards reception in the fall.


Who can be nominated?

Any woman living or working in the Greater Norristown area.


How do I nominate someone?

Nominations can only be made online.

When is the nomination deadline?

_____TBD_____________ 2022.


Can I nominate myself?


Do I need to submit a photograph of my nominee?

Yes.  Please upload a high resolution profile picture. 

Can I nominate more than one woman?  

Yes. There is no limit to how many nominations can be made by one person.

Can a woman outside of the Greater Norristown win?

No. We celebrate everything Norristown!

Is there a fee for nominating someone?

No.  But, donations towards the ceremony are welcomed.


The Eight Categories of Awards

Lifetime Legacy  Award

Recognizes a woman who has demonstrated superior leadership and success over several years. Nominee should have a track record of long-term achievements, community involvement and professional growth. The Lifetime Legacy recipient will be a woman who is known for her positive influence and competent abilities.



Woman to Watch 
(Under 40)    

Recognizes a woman under age 40 who has had significant accomplishments and/or achieved notable success in her chosen profession. The Woman to Watch recipient will be a young woman who is considered an up-and-coming star in her profession. (Nominee must be under age 40 on  or before 10/9/2022.)



Inspirational Award

Recognizes a woman who inspires others through her work, ideas and example. The recipient of the Inspiration Award will demonstrate an unwavering passion and commitment for a particular cause or idea. She is a role model who is making a difference in the lives of others.


Leadership Award

Recognizes a woman who is a bold, well-known leader who others choose to emulate. The recipient of the Leadership Award will have a proven record of growth, success and influence in her profession or community.



Game Changer Award

Recognizes a woman who has made significant contributions in her field or community that has lead to inspiring change and/or innovation. The Game Changer recipient will be someone who is comfortable breaking the mold. She will have been the impetus for a new idea or thought process that positively influenced her profession or community.



Business Distinction Award

Recognizes a woman who has demonstrated achievement, growth and success in a particular industry. The recipient of the Business Distinction Award understands the importance of innovative ideas, education, competent decision-making, mentoring and community service. She is known to many as a woman who has made a difference in the business community and her profession.



Educational Award

Recognizes a woman who has spent a career within the Norristown Area High School District and demonstrates a commitment to the excellence to the students both academically and through adulthood.



Community Service Award

Recognizes a woman who advocates for the economic and civil advancement of the underprivileged in the Greater Norristown Area.